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My name is Harry Freedman. I've been a career professional for many years. I founded the highly regarded consultancy Career Energy in 2002. I left there in 2009 and set up the Career Advice Centre to create a small, personal facility for clients who take their careers seriously and are looking for a focused, effective and flexible careers advice service at a reasonable cost.

I help clients of all ages and experiences to progress their careers. Some have set off on a completely new career path, others have found new jobs in their existing fields. My support is tailored exclusively to your needs, so I don't do one-size-fits-all solutions.

Because it is often difficult for my clients to take the time out of work to meet, I work flexibly out of locations across London. So it's just a question of choosing one which suits you.

Our relationship together is critical in ensuring that you get the service you need. No two clients are the same and my work with you will reflect your individual needs. Making the right move- or even changing to a better career- is not difficult, but it does need professional support. Careers Advice is a process in which you need someone to help you to see yourself objectively and to reach the right decisions.

To find out what I can do for you, why not contact me now? It's easy to do, and well worth the effort!

Before you make any decisions, talk to us.

Taking active control of your career is the best investment you will ever make. You can arrange a preliminary discussion by emailing or calling us . Do it now! Start to make the change you've been thinking about for so long.

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