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Career Change: Sectors That Prosper Even In Bad Times


The economy is improving but there H? is still plenty of bad news about. It’s likely to stay that way for quite some time. However, things aren’t all bad, not everyone is worried about their future. Some sectors are not only recession-proof, but are actually set to thrive over the coming years. If you are thinking of a career change, here are some sectors worth considering.

So, what are these careers?


Accountants survive anything! They’re useful in the good times and essential in the bad, as companies struggle to manage paper-thin profit margins, amidst rising taxes, hostile markets and increasingly expensive goods and services.


They may be media villains, and everyone has a bad word to say about them, but, for all its difficulties, Banking is still a viable career. Yes, there have free been redundancies but cheap jerseys salaries in the financial sector are much higher than the average (there are exceptions however, such as bank counter staff).


Most developed economies suffer from a shortage of skilled tradespeople. Yet as economies pick up steam, construction projects follow suit. If you have construction or home maintenance skills, you will be in demand.


As countries around the globe desperately struggle to reduce their dependence on foreign gas and oil, cheap mlb jerseys renewable energy experts are becoming more and more important. In the corporate sector efficiency consultants are in huge demand as companies look to their energy bills as a neat way to cut costs without harming productivity.


Economic stagnation does not stop people are getting ill. In fact, it probably exacerbates it. Therefore, healthcare is a pretty secure place to be right now. Of course you have to have a caring attitude and an interest in the welfare of others, but as worthwhile jobs go, the health sector is pretty hard to beat.


We all need to eat. The way we shop may be changing, supermarkets are finding life much tougher than they used to. But we are still buying wholesale jerseys China food. If you are thinking of a job change, it’s worth looking further into the sector.


Politicians run the world. Or at least, they try to. It’s a tough world to get to the top in, but there will alwys be politicians, and they world! will always have teams of people supporting them. And their salaries are secure, they don’t  get paid by results!

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