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With high speed home internet, cloud based productivity and collaboration tools, flexible employers and growing numbers of self employed people, home working is more popular than ever. But to do it right you need to set up a home office that’s suited to your needs. Your workspace Whether you’re working from home every day or only occasionally Read more…

Career fairs are possible the most under-valued of all routes to a new career. That’s not to say they are poorly attended, they are frequently packed. But people who attend career fairs tend to do so fairly randomly, few people visit them with a strategic purpose in mind.

For many people a time comes when the idea of working in a single job no longer feels satisfactory, or even viable. This may happen due to redundancy, when approaching retirement or perhaps as a result of some other life changing experience. If this sounds like a familiar condition, you may wish to consider a portfolio career.

starting a business

Self employment usually involves starting a business. What do you need to consider? Starting a business is a major step; it is likely to involve a significant lifestyle change and an upheaval to your finances, at least in the short term. It is not a move that can be undone easily. The list below will give you Read more…


The advantage of social media for your job networking is that it is quick and easy to extend your network. You don’t need to spend time meeting people, your networking is all done on line and the question of whether you and the other person like each other or hit it off doesn’t really come into it. Read more…


With the public sector shrinking, competition for jobs is getting tougher. If you are looking for a public sector job, you need to give yourself an edge. There are two parts to getting a job. The first part, the bit everybody does, is to fill in the application form. In theory, in the public sector this should Read more…


Many companies recruit through a competition of sorts. It’s called an internship . Candidates are taken on for a short period for little or often no pay. If they do well, they may get a job. If not, they are no worse off than a loser on the TV show, Apprentice. Not that there is anything wrong Read more…


If you’re looking for a job you really shouldn’t be reading this! Nor should you be spending more than a few minutes a day browsing job boards or looking for job opportunities on Linked In, Facebook, or anywhere else online.

self employment

Do you have the right blend of personal qualities for self-employment? Here is a list of qualities that you may well need when working for yourself. How many of these do you have?


There is little doubt that networking is the most effective method for securing a new position.  But many people shy away from it; after all it doesn’t appear to be the most comfortable of activities. Nevertheless, estimates amongst career professionals indicate that between 50% -70% of people get jobs through their contacts, and this figure rises even Read more…

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