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Job Search: Identifying Your Achievements


Your achievements are essential for your job wholesale mlb jerseys search. But we tend to overlook our achievements – those things we have done in our professional and personal lives that really made us feel good about ourselves.  It may be because we are modest or we have never taken the time to reflect upon our successes.

Achievements can be at work, in your personal life or as a result of your hobbies

An Achievement is at least one of the following:

  • Something you have done for which you have been recognised or rewarded
  • Something of which you are proud of having accomplished
  • Something you have done which has surpassed expectation
  • Something that has benefited yourself or others

Think about your work experience and your life in general, identify up to of six experiences that you initiated or participated in significantly.  Include experiences in which you performed ??? well and found satisfying.  Do your best to identify at least four work experiences, and also include some from your personal life.

Give each wholesale mlb jerseys experience a shorthand name so you can easily recall it for yourself.

Think of each experience in terms Change: of:

  • The Job challenge or problem situation.
  • The action you took.
  • The result.

Write a description or story of the experience in specific detail.

  • What did you do?
  • What were the obstacles you overcame?
  • How did you know you were successful?

The following are some questions to help you think more specifically about your achievements and their results.  What have you Büyük?ekmece done that has

  • Led to a new skill?
  • Increased your knowledge?
  • Given you personal satisfaction?
  • Completed a significant task?
  • Added value to your organisation?
  • Benefited someone in your Presentations team?
  • Achieved an objective?
  • Resulted in specific rewards e.g. money, promotion or  more responsibility?
  • Increased your reputation in the company or your community?

Has something been:

  • Improved, Increased, Reduced, Streamlined, Simplified, Broadened, Changed?

Have you been able to do something

  • Faster, Slower, Cheaper, More Accurately, Bigger, Smaller?

Have you done wholesale jerseys something to lead to better…

  • Sales, Quality, Cost, Timeframes, Productivity?

What were the results of the Achievement for the organisation?

How did the Achievement impact nec sales, morale, turnover, productivity, communications, culture, training, public relations, image, profitability, market, and products/services?


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