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Job Search: Know What You Offer Employers


Getting a job is a marketing exercise; it wholesale MLB jerseys is no different to any other. Think of your job search in exactly the same way as you would think about bringing a new product or service onto the market. You need to know what the new Career service offers, and where the market is for it. The only difference is that the service is you and the market is those employers who could potentially be interested in obtaining your services.

Defining What You Offer

Your offer to the employer consists of three main elements:

  • Your Skills
  • Your Experience
  • Your Qualifications

What are my skills?

There cheap jerseys is a lot of talk in job hunting circles about transferable skills. These are capabilities that you can use as easily in one job as in another. The art of verbal communication is a transferable skill, it can be used in many jobs. Carpentry is a skill that is not really transferable; there are a few jobs where it cheap nfl jerseys comes in handy but its only real value is if you are a carpenter.

First of all, let’s take the emphasis off Temel transferable  skills. We will just talk about skills. Because all skills are worth taking into account when applying for a job, even post if they seem to pigeon hole you as much carpentry. Because in fact carpentry is Resolutions not a limited skill at all! It is a craft, made up of a number of skills.

A good carpenter uses a number of skills. These include manual dexterity, spatial intelligence, accuracy, planning and both geometric and arithmetic calculating.

A carpenter may also have organisational, administrative or managerial skills, particularly if he had been self–employed. His skill set may include driving or negotiating with customers and suppliers.

So rather than thinking that what cheap mlb jerseys you offer is a complex skill like carpentry, think of your skills in small chunks. There may be few carpentry jobs when the construction sector is experiencing a downturn. But there will be many more jobs that require at least some of the skills that make up carpentry.

Break your skills up into small chunks and then list them out. Put them onto your CV, followed by your work experience and qualifications. This will give you a much better idea of what you offer.


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