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Here are a couple of sample cover letters you may find useful.   Dear I wish to apply for the role of Accounting Supervisor advertised in The Times on 20 December 2008.


In the current climate some job ads will get thousands of applications. Job ads frequently get hundreds of people responding to them depending on the speciality and seniority of the position.  So of course it is bound to be a bit of a lottery. Not even the most conscientious recruiter can screen and prioritise that many applications Read more…


With the public sector shrinking, competition for jobs is getting tougher. If you are looking for a public sector job, you need to give yourself an edge. There are two parts to getting a job. The first part, the bit everybody does, is to fill in the application form. In theory, in the public sector this should Read more…


Your job search will improve when you know how to read the adverts that recruiters post. There are two ways by which recruiters advertise. Whatever field your job search is in, the process is similar for print media and the internet.

job search

Many Job Search techniques, particularly those based on networking are highly successful. But sadly there are some ways of looking for a job which stand little chance of success, yet which crop up time and again. These are the five most common errors: 


Choosing the right recruiters to apply to is essential when making job applications . As with all things, a trusted recommendation is worth more than any amount of advertising. Speak to your friends and colleagues about which recruiters they have used for their job applications and whether or not they would recommend them. In the absence of Read more…

cover letter

Your job applications cover letter is just as important as your CV . It is where you show that you meet the qualities set out in the job ad’s Person Specification. This article give you some tips on how to write a cover letter, and a couple of example templates. Some of the following might seem obvious Read more…


In your job search it helps to know a little about the different types of recruiters. There are three main types: selection, search and contingency. Selection This is when the recruitment agency advertises to attract suitable candidates and might run assessment centres before creating a short list of suitable people for the employer to interview. This is Read more…

job hunting

A successful job search involves defining your targets. Otherwise you spend your time chasing jobs you don’t really want; and you increase your chances of missing the few opportunities that are right for you. There are two types of job search. And two types of job seeker. There is the reactive job seeker, so called because he or she Read more…

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