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AN important part of the interview process is establishing a rapport with the people who you are meeting. Because you are likely to be be nervous it can be quite easy to overlook the small, but important things that matter when you are trying to make a good impression. These include: 


An expertise CV is useful when you want to emphasise not just your skills, but how you have put them into practice. It defines you as a specialist, and should be closely tailored to the job you are applying for.


The importance of using recruiters as part of your job applications . If a recruiter feels they can earn a fee through you they can be helpful. But if not, you are unlikely to find the relationship very productive. Nevertheless, even though networking remains the most likely route to getting a job, recruiters still handle a good number Read more…


Try to prepare a good achievements statement as part of your job search . Your achievements show you what you are capable of when you are performing at your best. Ensure that when writing up your achievements as part of your job search you include the following parts: An action verb describing what you did rather than Read more…

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Not every job search is the same. Some organisations, particularly in the public sector, do not accept CVs. Instead you are required to submit an application form. The recession has hit the public sector particularly hard, with 15% of local authorities planning to make job cuts in 2009, according to the Local Government Association. But that still Read more…


Your job search essentials You are those things that you must have from a job in order to make it worth applying for. As a general principle, if you are offered a job, check it off against your list of job essentials before applying. In this article we list the most frequent and job essentials. You may well Read more…

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A successful job search involves defining your targets. Otherwise you spend your time chasing jobs you don’t really want; and you increase your chances of missing the few opportunities that are right for you. There are two types of job search. And two types of job seeker. There is the reactive job seeker, so called because he or she Read more…

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