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For many people a time comes when the idea of working in a single job no longer feels satisfactory, or even viable. This may happen due to redundancy, when approaching retirement or perhaps as a result of some other life changing experience. If this sounds like a familiar condition, you may wish to consider a portfolio career.

media jobs

Could a career in one of the many media jobs be your career choice? So you want to work in media? It’s a fast moving, interesting and often glamorous field, there are plenty of good reasons for choosing it as your future career direction. But it is also highly competitive, difficult to get into, and hard to Read more…

job search

What’s the missing ingredient that you can add to the standard mix of job search techniques, to get ahead of the game There is plenty of good job search advice around if you look for it. Nearly every committed job seeker knows how to write a good 2-page CV, and how to network, and they are all Read more…

job search

Many Job Search techniques, particularly those based on networking are highly successful. But sadly there are some ways of looking for a job which stand little chance of success, yet which crop up time and again. These are the five most common errors: 

cold calling

A carefully prepared  and well delivered cold call can be an extremely effective job applications strategy – if you get through to the right person! Making job applications by cold calling does not seem particularly attractive as a job applications strategy. Most of us find the idea uncomfortable and shy away from it. So what can you Read more…

job hunting

A successful job search involves defining your targets. Otherwise you spend your time chasing jobs you don’t really want; and you increase your chances of missing the few opportunities that are right for you. There are two types of job search. And two types of job seeker. There is the reactive job seeker, so called because he or she Read more…

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