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"I would be understating the fact that I am fully satisfied with the services I have received to date, since I would rather say that The Career Advice Centre has exceed my expectations. My consultant helped me and guided me in identifying my needs, establishing my career goals, building a very impressive CV and cover letters, and finally coached me on improving my interview skills. Through the whole process I was able to understand and appreciate the depth and the professional approach which was adopted which, I believe is unique to The Career Advice Centre."
Rajesh Sanghvi

"I contacted The Career Advice Centre because I felt that I needed a change of direction in my working life. The Career Advice Centre gave me the analysis, tools and an objective view that showed me, based on my stated aims, that I am actually already pretty well positioned. They showed me that I am suited to what I do and I should have the confidence to do it even better and gain benefit from that. I will return to The Career Advice Centre if I ever feel the need for change again as I value them as experienced, independent and personal advisors."
Rob Meades

"I was successful in getting the role with the NHS, my new official title with the hospital is Assistant Divisional Manager - Specialist Medicine. I really appreciate all the support and guidance you provided me during the difficult time that I encountered when I was made redundant from my local authority job and I would recommend your services to anyone who was going through a similar situation that I did."
Samantha Williams

"The Career Advice Centre has given me true guidance to order and formulate my thoughts and given me the strength to break with a successful and lucrative but unsatisfactory career. I highly recommend them, but keep in mind that you will still be the one providing the answers not them. There is a lot of work involved and you are the one having to do that!"
Stephanie Vietor

"The Career Advice Centre has helped me identify my life-values and skills and moreover has given me the confidence to believe that I can have a career that draws on these. I am excited by the prospect of pursuing a career that better suits my needs and feel liberated by this opportunity. "
Jessica Sudbury

"I came to The Career Advice Centre because I was out of ideas regarding where to go next in my career. I was applying for positions but nothing was happening. The Career Advice Centre's programme helped me to be objective about my skills and to make my approach to my job search more efficient. You do have to put the effort in, but I found the programme effective, and relatively inexpensive. "
Andy Glass

"I really appreciated the opportunity to define my values, skills and career expectations with a empathetic and switched-on mentor, and then to put this self-awareness to practical use in the hunt for the next step in my career. I didn't expect all the answers in defining my career pathway, since this is an ongoing journey, but I certainly have shaken off some of the ambiguity surrounding my next career move and I have the confidence to build up momentum going forward."
Jemma McCowan

"I would recommend The Career Advice Centre to anyone who feels stuck in their career path. If you need to review, change or work through career options, The Career Advice Centre provides solutions and plans that work to your own unique style. The Career Advice Centre helped me focus and attract me to the job that I was looking for."
Tazeen Ahmad

"The Career Advice Centre was great from start to finish, as it helped me to help myself work out what I really wanted to do and what options were available. The beauty of The Career Advice Centre is that it provides a framework and expert guidance, but encourages you to do the hard part eg. research / homework etc and it's through this that your eyes start to open to new possibilities. Duncan, my consultant, was invaluable and I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions. Thank you!"
Angela Terry

"I had no idea if what I was doing was the right course of career for me. All I knew was that I was thoroughly miserable and un-stretched. Thanks to The Career Advice Centre I realised I needed to stay in the same line of work but for an academic institution (or a body that required me to think, argue and challenge). But for The Career Advice Centre, I would have not had the confidence or self-knowledge to go for the new career I ended up getting: a new job with a world class university."
Richard Jarman

"Being new to the UK employment market The Career Advice Centre proved invaluable in transforming my existing CV into one that better suited the UK market."
Lennard van den Hoek

"Having been highly dubious about what a career adviser would be able to offer and slightly daunted by the cost, I was very impressed by The Career Advice Centre's professionalism. My consultant's sheer energy was inspirational and somehow, at the end of my programme, I have ended up with my perfect 'portfolio' career and that elusive work-life balance. Thank you!"
Step Haselden

"My consultant gave me invaluable advice on my career possibilities which allowed me to expand on my search for jobs and gave me the confidence to do so. I received a very personal service and was very encouraged by her quick response and feedback outside of my appointments. Thank you for all your support"
Ada Okechukwa

"I came to the programme considering voluntary redundancy and hoping to examine alternatives. As I tackled the exercises, and in discussion with my consultant, I came to realise what I valued about my lifestyle - inside and outside work - and how important work was to me. The focus then changed to finding a way to realise some of those alternatives in work. I now have a much clearer understanding of my skills, how and why I enjoy work, and a plan of what to do next. This has already proved useful, and I expect it to continue to be so. The programme proved to be excellent, especially in adapting to the change of focus. "
Ian Hayes

"The programme above all gave me clarity - on the skills, knowledge and experience I have acquired in different areas of my life, as well as on my motivators, achievements and career needs. I now have more confidence in my abilities and therefore a greater belief that I will make the right career decisions in the future."
Sandra Lilley

"My The Career Advice Centre consultant was a sounding board for my thoughts, feelings, plans, aspirations and fears. She provided moral support and valuable feedback on a huge range of different issues in my personal and professional life which all had a bearing on where I was going with my career. She helped me find my way when I was lost and frightened, and now I am on track with a job which I am delighted to have."
Alison Tierney

"When I came to The Career Advice Centre I had no sense of direction but I knew I didn't like my current job. By structuring my achievements to date, I found out my strengths and motivations, and discovered an area I wanted to go to rather than a sector I wanted to run away from."
Arnaud Thiriet

"I have found my experience with The Career Advice Centre to be invaluable in clearly identifying my skills and achievements. I now have a much more defined idea of what I have to offer a prospective employer and feel I can pursue my future career with confidence and enthusiasm."
John Rich

"I came to The Career Advice Centre knowing that I wanted to change my career. I had some ideas; I thought that I would make a good architect, journalist, event manger or teacher. I had researched the possibilities a lot, but I had never made the change. I was never quite sure! The Career Advice Centre's approach is not what I expected, because The Career Advice Centre do not give advice. How can you advise someone that you don't know that well? The Career Advice Centre deliver something truly unique in the way that they facilitate the discovery of your own and your career needs. The Career Advice Centre open up the possibilities by removing those imagined barriers and by providing an objective framework so you can confidently make decisions. During the programme, you and the skills that you possess are unlocked, opened, discussed and channelled. This makes it easy for you to identify what you want to do and gives you the confidence to do it. I now have a new career with a new role, in a new sector and a new country. My sincere thanks The Career Advice Centre, I am the happiest career changer ever!"
Dan Williamson

"Being made redundant after 15 years with the same employer, I didn't know where to start to rethink my working life. The Career Advice Centre changed everything. My adviser led me gently but firmly through the structured programme. I needed to identify my work and home life priorities and what new career paths to consider. He nursed my self-confidence back into life and gave me a set of practical tools including CV writing and handling interviews, which are helping me towards a new and exciting future at work"
Elizabeth Adcock

" The Career Advice Centre has been valuable to me as it helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and formulate a new plan for my future career. I could not have done this on my own!"
Lucy Wren

"I'd decided I wanted a change of career, but wasn't sure of where to move to. I enrolled with The Career Advice Centre to assist me in my decision-making process. My consultant helped me identify my strengths and those elements of work I enjoy, and then once I'd decided on my new path, pointed me in the right direction. I am now working towards my goal, all thanks to The Career Advice Centre."
Martin Hughes

"I came to The Career Advice Centre convinced I was in the wrong career but had absolutely no idea how to identify and move into the career that would be right for me. The Career Planning programme helped me look at my values, interests and skills in order to understand potential careers of interest and then refine these to a specific career. I now have a plan as to how to move forwards from here which seemed an impossible goal when I commenced my programme."
James Hamilton

"After several very difficult years at my previous job I had come to realise that I had been doing the wrong work for many years. Early retirement has given me the opportunity to look for more inspiring work. The Career Advice Centre helped me to work out what I really want to do. It has been very useful to be able to talk to a neutral person who provided lots of encouragement and support. I highly recommend their services."
Rosemary Kerr

"Before I came to The Career Advice Centre I had no idea what I wanted to do but I knew I wasnt happy where I was. My programme gave me the opportunity to discuss my likes and dislikes and narrow down career options. I also gained confidence in my abilities by discussing my skills. I have come out after the programme with a new job that I am really excited about in a sector I never thought I could break in to."
Naomi Kelt

"The Comprehensive The Career Advice Centre programme has given clarity to my career ideas and objectives and has resulted in me pursuing a career for which I have renewed energy and enthusiasm. Following my programme, I was able to better understand my strengths, skills and qualities and how I could apply these to working towards a potential career. It has been a great experience and I would recommend that anyone who is uncertain about what they are looking for in a career should speak to a The Career Advice Centre adviser."
Nick Miller

"I had reached a real crossroads in my life when I heard about The Career Advice Centre - the timing was ideal and really helped me to spend time productively assessing my options and wishes for the future. The time spent on the programme worked very well too."
Linda Tiley

"At the beginning I knew where I wanted to go in my career but I needed help to achieve my goals. The course made me assess my skills and how to transfer them to another sector. With expert guidance I prepared a CV which really impressed prospective employers and a covering letter which caught the eye. I learnt how to properly prepare for interviews so as to maximise my chance of success. Now I know what it takes - I have The Career Advice Centre!"
Stephen Evans

"The Career Advice Centre's programme helped me to re-group and re-evaluate my skills and experience following a confidence-eroding organisational re-structure. The support and encouragement from my consultant really helped in building my confidence and made me realise the number of opportunities that were available to me as I changed direction. The self-assessment element of the programme clearly showed me what my career drivers and aspirations are and enabled me to successfully apply for a job working back in London which was my target. In conclusion, it was a constructive experience which refocussed me and made me ready to take on management challenges in a new environment."
Lindiwe Mokoena

"It is too often the case that career consultants or agencies either offer advise on specific careers without any coaching of the actual client in terms of their goals, values and understanding the context of their whole life, or vice versa. The Career Advice Centre puts these two crucial aspects together in equal measure, giving you all the tools and support you need to make real, lasting change to your career, enabling you to make the most of your potential and be happier and more fulfilled in your work."
Vicky Bhogal

"The programme helped me stand back and take a good look at my skills and abilities. This in itself was a good boost to my self-confidence, which has taken a bit of battering in a stressful situation. I found my The Career Advice Centre consultant very encouraging, supportive and knowledgeable and he helped me examine different career options. I now feel much better equipped to move on to pastures new, when the right opportunity comes along."
Chris Burgess

"My programme with The Career Advice Centre has completely changed my life; I have gained skills that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. The speed at which I found a new job and its quality are directly attributable to the coaching that I received from The Career Advice Centre."
Hannah Boltwood

"I was made redundant from my post with a charity after 7 years and was lucky enough to be sent to The Career Advice Centre as part of my package. Over the last 6 months my consultant has patiently worked with me through a whole series of exercises and ideas which have enabled me to realize my true values, skills and expertise and have prepared me to make the step into consultancy. I have particularly valued the one-to-one consistency and support provided and also the excellent work and advice given on CV writing, positioning, networking and interview techniques. I would thoroughly recommend this programme and think the value for money is terrific. Thank you."
Lucy McCredie

"In spite of having reached a quite senior role in my company, I was motivated to a change. I was very frustrated because I was not able to get a new job at the same level. The Career Advice Centre helped me to focus on my strengths and weaknesses and to regain confidence in myself. I believe the change in attitude has helped me to find my new job."
Matilde Giulianelli

"Being able to speak to an objective professional with a genuine interest in personal career support and giving realistic guidance for seeking long and short term goals. Also discovering that ones strengths can often be hidden and sometimes obscured from view within the office arena. Also taught the need to condition ones self to assert those strengths in a positive way. My new CV now allows more freedom choice with unexpectedly bigger salary offers."
Llima Cole

"I only had a Portuguese CV and it looked very different in an English speaking country. The terminologies did not make any sense. I had it translated in a very technical way and it became even better than the Portuguese version because it became more real about the job I had done. It was an excellent job."
Renato Lustosa

"Having achieved a lot in my career, I came to a point where I was no longer enjoying my work or being challenged. I had no idea what my options were or, more importantly, what I wanted to do. Through the The Career Advice Centre process, working with my consultant, I have found the answers to these questions and am now moving forward towards a new and exciting career."
Kate Samuels

"I have found this to be a very useful way to re-assess what I need for a job to work for me. With what I have discovered about myself, I can now be pro-active in the direction I now take in my career rather than drifting along and taking jobs on which are not appropriate. I definitely feel a lot more positive about the future steps that I am taking in my career."
Claire Wishart

"It was extremely useful to be able to use someone as a 'sounding board' who reflected back to me, my thoughts about where I was, and where I wanted to get to. The key transition exercise enabled me to identify patterns of change and the links between the high and low points in my personal and professional life. It helped me understand where I was whilst on the The Career Advice Centre programme and that I had the means by which to succeed. The consultation helped me to prioritize the options available to me, and empowered me to act on them. Immediately, I began to have positive results."
Nina Buchanan

"I came to The Career Advice Centre needing help in clarifying where I wanted to go with my career, and confidence in appreciating what experience I had gleaned and what I could offer potential employers. The programme I undertook with my The Career Advice Centre consultant laid out systematically my expertise and competencies, and articulating my values and motivations was helpful and revealing. The completion of the programme coincides with my taking up a new role in a sector that I have had my sights set on for the past ten years in my heart of hearts."
Francis Meynell

"In my career I had become 'stuck'. The changes that arose out of the course, initially in myself and then in my approach to my career were subtle but have had a quite profound effect. The course shed light on what was the case rather than what I thought was the case. It was exactly the kind of therapy my career needed."
Michael Donald

"I came for help with planning my career. The programme helped me to assess and evaluate my career decisions by the use of analytical methods and by the consultant's opinion. I found the programme worthwhile and it was beneficial to have an experienced expert with whom to discuss these matters and aid me in the decision making process."
Matthew Carr

"Before coming to The Career Advice Centre, I lacked confidence in my ability to find a job that I found interesting and fulfilling. Having gone through the The Career Advice Centre programme I now feel that I am in control of my career and can turn my aspirations into reality."
Lydia Tracy

"The Career Advice Centre was brilliant. They worked with me when I was in a very low place, restructured me, gave me the tools to restore my potential and put my career back together. I am now super confident and feel confident for the future. Thanks!"
Jacqueline Humphrey

"The programme helped me stay sane through a tough period at work where lack of challenge had led to demotivation and possible stagnation. I found out that I do have a number of marketable skills and have already used the programme to refocus my dealings with my manager."
John Gordon

"When I came to The Career Advice Centre, I did not know how to start looking or preparing myself for another position. The professional help and direction given to me helped me to identify where I wanted to be and most importantly how to achieve my aims. Due to their expertise, I obtained a position with a major blue chip company that previously was only a dream."
Steve Tozer

"The process of changing career is difficult and often disheartening. Without the support of The Career Advice Centre it would have been even tougher. My consultant helped me gain insight into the career that would best suit me. Consistently supportive, he encouraged me to do the less palatable tasks such as the dreaded networking and a complete rewrite of my CV."
Matt de Bergolis

"After a few years of 'tinkering' with my CV, I visited The Career Advice Centre who gave me the opportunity to revisit my various roles over the past 18 years and identify a particular theme. I now feel confident about returning to the world of 'change management' where I believe I have a unique set of skills and experience to offer."
Peter Bruce

"The Career Advice Centre was extremely helpful in getting me to think hard about what I really wanted to do and what would suit me best. This increased my confidence, clarified my thinking and helped me go out and get what I really wanted."
Andrew Millett

"I wanted to make a significant career change. In so doing I encountered the following problems: Narrowing the field of alternatives in a sensible way Developing a method for building a network in a new field of work Keeping myself moving forward and not going in circles. The Career Advice Centre were tremendously helpful in solving all three problems and I warmly recommend their advice, particularly for the 30-something 'what do I actually want to do' problem."
Toby Eccles

"I was very confused and unsure of which path I should take with my career and what would be best for me. The Career Advice Centre helped me to decide what is most important to me now and what I want. I received a great deal of information from my consultant which I found very helpful. Now I know what is realistic, exactly what I want to achieve and how I go about setting my goals."
Nadia Baig

"From wallowing in indecision to sharp focus and gaining the right job- all within a few months- is full testimony to the quality of consultant and support at The Career Advice Centre."
Kevin Goodman

"I had always been sceptical of the value of career help/advice coaching from so-called specialist firms. The Career Advice Centre are different to others in this field- they're friendly, professional, relatively inexpensive but most of all they get results- and quickly!"
Andrew Atherton

"The Career Advice Centre gave me the chance to discuss my career options and sort through all the different avenues I could take. Then helped me market myself in the workplace in the most efficient way. My only regret is not doing something like this years ago."
Matt Stables

"The Career Advice Centre provided me with the confidence to move forward in setting up my company. The consultant I saw was excellent in identifying my direction and work values and the tests they provide are strong and accurate work indicators. I would have no hesitation in recommending them."
Vikki Scott

"I decided to enter the The Career Advice Centre Programme with a totally open perspective. This way I found the programme immensely useful and rewarding. The consultant I sat with during my interviews was extremely thorough and very helpful. Overall, an excellent programme, an excellent consultant."
Robert Raw

"I found the Career Review very rewarding. I needed something/somebody to help me find out what I really wanted and what I was good at (self-analysis is very difficult!) The Career Advice Centre was the support I needed."
Alastair Hill

"The practical advice and independent views supporting the recruitment process was invaluable. I would be happy to recommend The Career Advice Centre to any manager looking to maximise the opportunities open to them."
Brian Hardie

"Having relocated to London, The Career Advice Centre's tailored individual consultation provided me with a focused and relevant strategy for my career choices in a new environment. Their analysis of my achievements equipped me with the confidence to make a productive speculative approach. I have no hesitation in recommending The Career Advice Centre to others."
Zuzanna Bates

"For me the first and most important aspect of using The Career Advice Centre was that it helped me carry out a serious and objective appraisal of myself, my skills, experiences, needs, aspirations and opportunities. Second it helped me to brush up on my job hunting, networking and interview skills, all of which were somewhat rusty from lack of use or complacency which tends to creep up on all of us after a few years. Lastly it gave me someone to talk to in a frank and open way who would listen with no pre conceived ideas, offer advice, support or help if asked. A combination of these three aspects of working with The Career Advice Centre enabled me to work through what was initially a fairly difficult and worrying point in my career, to take stock, rethink, plan and move forward again with confidence."
Peter Butcher

"One thing that seems to be unique to The Career Advice Centre is their pragmatic approach to career change, considering a broad variety of tools where others offer a seemingly limited set. But beyond this is the experience and sheer enthusiasm of their staff; after just ten minutes chatting to them I felt inspired, reassured and confident in approaching a difficult career change."

"I can thoroughly recommend the The Career Advice Centre programme for those who realise just how important the management of one' s career is. The seminars are an especially valuable opportunity to openly discuss career issues and challenges with people from a variety of backgrounds but with a common goal. Namely to find a fulfilling career move!"
Richard Saunders

"I found my time at The Career Advice Centre very valuable in helping me to re-assess my skills and talents and giving me the confidence to seek employment in areas new to me. The advice given was most useful and will be of great help in my future career development."
Michael Letchford

"After a year or so of trawling the websites and badgering agencies, The Career Advice Centre encouraged me to refocus my efforts and make use of my many contacts in the industry. This, combined with some new tactics and pointers for my CV and prospective interviews most certainly helped me attain the buying position I was looking for. A worthwhile investment!"
Julie Edmonds

"Your skilful approach has been invaluable, giving my job search proper structure and focus, and I really appreciate all the personal attention. Thank you very much for all your help and I wish you many more successes."
Catherine Considine

"Coming from an international career, I initially approached The Career Advice Centre to assist in my endeavour to work in the UK. Working with The Career Advice Centre helped me to focus my attention on my skills and lifestyle ideals and made me realise that I wanted to continue working internationally and not to focus my attention on the UK! The Career Advice Centre also provided me with the valuable resources and tools to enable me to pursue my career in a variety of environments, and I value my time spent with them."
Jim White

"The decision to seek career advice was made after reaching a point where I knew I wanted to do something different but, like a lot of people didn't know what that something was. The Career Advice Centre guided me along a path that led to an understanding of not only what 'Gary Williams Ltd' was able to offer but also how to get to that great place in your career - being paid to do something you really enjoy."
Gary Williams

"Although I had completed a lot of work on my CV and understanding the product it was promoting (i.e. me) I found it very useful in clarifying ideas and techniques. It is easy to lose one's way when writing a CV and the seminar certainly helps focus. I have told several friends and colleagues about the seminar and would recommend anyone to considering a change of job or career to attend. Easily the best investment I have made."
Chris Hunka

"The Career Focus programme gave me the push I needed to recognise I wanted a change in my job and I could make it happen."
Gillian Spry

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