Case Studies

Case Studies

Tony had recently lost his job as MD of a road haulage company. Although ambitious, his confidence had taken a knock. He needed help to confirm his strengths and weaknesses and to rebuild his morale. We helped him to develop a career strategy and to use his connections effectively. Within a few weeks of starting on a Comprehensive Programme he landed a job as CEO of a major fast food outlet. He will use the remaining time on his programme to review his career progress at strategic moments over the next few years.

Layla was a training manager with a well known charity. She felt that the job was not challenging her and that there were limited opportunities for progress within the organisation. She decided to seek our help in obtaining a more senior role, preferably in a different sector. She enrolled on a Career Change programme and is now a General Manager in a High Street chain.

Stuart was head of research in a small biotech company. He felt constrained by the job and wanted to review his options. Following a full career review he decided to go back to University to retrain as a clinical psychologist.

Andrew was Operations Director of a telecoms company when he was made redundant. He found it difficult to get a new job largely because he was uncomfortable with networking and making speculative approaches. He embarked on a Job Search programme with us and got the support he needed to conduct a successful job search campaign. He is now working again as an Operations Director in a telecoms company with much better prospects.

Jean resigned from her role as an account manager with an e-commerce company. She came to us needing someone knowledgeable to discuss her ideas with, and some encouragement to try different things. After a review of her skills and needs she has now started a new career as a reporter on a local newspaper.

Ashok had a successful career as a dentist but did not enjoy it. He enjoyed the professional approach but the day to day tasks of dentistry did not engage him. He came to us for help with his CV and Interview skills and started to retrain as a lawyer. He is now working as a trainee solicitor- and loving it!

David had a first class degree from Oxford, trained as a lawyer and got a well paid job with a City firm. He found the pressure of work too intense and came to us for advice. David is now working with a major city bank, performing due diligence work. He has taken a small salary drop but says that this is more than compensated by the extra satisfaction he gets from his work.

Hussein was a programme manager for a leading software company that crashed in early 2002. He loved his work and wanted to do something similar in a more stable environment. Despite the severe downturn in the IT market, with our help he found the job he was looking for in less than two months.

Sandra had spent most of her working life in an expatriate environment as a computer programmer. She returned to the UK to get married and asked us to help her find a job. We were impressed by her very strong people skills and encouraged her to build on these as a way of differentiating herself. She rapidly got a job running a help desk for one of the largest media companies in the UK.

Nisha was a solicitor with a City firm working on Pensions. She enjoyed legal work but found the pressure and hours too intensive. She came to the Career Advice Centre looking for advice on how to change. She is now working with individual clients in a provincial law firm.

Clive worked for a large American bank on corporate mergers and acquisitions. Although the salary was good he a need wanted to do something that he considered socially worthwhile. He now works for a social philanthropy fund, helping social ventures to prepare funding bids and raise capital.

Sarah was a solicitor who wanted to change her lifestyle as well as her career. One of the main benefits of her programme with us was the self confidence it gave her to actually pursue things that she had wanted to for a long time. She now works freelance as a an Equity Benefits Consultant. This gives her the flexibility to support other new areas she is interested in exploring such as creative writing.

Naomi had been made redundant from her post as a Marketing and Sales Manager in a High-tech company. American by birth, she wanted our advice on her CV and on marketing herself in the UK job market. She now works as a Marketing and Development Manager in the educational sector.

Liz came to us for advice on alternative job options. She was working as a Programme Co-ordinator in the voluntary sector. She wanted direction and ideas about where to go next and what to do. Although she has not yet changed job, she found our service valuable in helping her to identify her preferred ways of working and widening the range of possible job opportunities available to her. She will decide on, and make the change at the appropriate time.

Claire was an IT analyst in Dublin. She moved to London to be with her partner and came to us for help in finding a job. In a few weeks she had been offered an IT support role with a leading broadcaster, and loves it!

James graduated with a 2:2 in history and had no idea what he wanted to do. His parents wanted him to go into banking or the law but he knew this was not right for him. He knew he was good with people and a natural leader, and thought perhaps he should join the Forces although he did not really want to. After enrolling on a Career Focus programme he decided that he should try to create a role for himself in management. He was accepted onto a graduate management scheme with a large high street retailer. He says of his Career Advice Centre programme, “It has been extremely useful and interesting for me. I thought about things I would not otherwise have done. It helped give a structure to my search, and it was good to talk about concerns and issues. Excellent for somebody like me who really wasn’t too certain of what he wanted to achieve.”