Small Business Advice

Help and Support for Small Business Owners

Running a small business is not always easy. You need to be skilled in so many different tasks. Much of the time you may have no personal support, nor indeed anyone to discuss your issues with.

I have been running small businesses for over forty years. I have worked across many sectors, including leisure, construction, property, not-for-profit, health care, consultancy and most recently giving career and business advice. There are few business issues that I have not confronted, and I have helped many people to resolve problems that have been weighing on their minds or holding their businesses back.

Whether you are looking for someone to help resolve a specific issue, to discuss a problem with, to act as an impartial sounding board, or whether you need help and guidance in starting a new venture, I can help.


Contact me now so that we can discuss the best way that I can support you.