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The Career Advice Centre

Most of us spend less time thinking about our careers than we should. Yet our work takes up so much of our time, and has such a big impact on our lives. Professional career advice makes complete sense.

I have been helping people to improve their working lives for over twenty years. I created and ran the UK’s most successful and highly regarded career consultancy. Now I work alone with a small number of career-focused clients; people who take their careers seriously and who appreciate the benefits of personally tailored, objective, career advice, coaching and guidance. You may be one of those people.

Some of my clients are hoping to change career, to give themselves a new challenge, or to feel happier & more productive. Others are looking for the next move, the strategic step that allows them to perform at their best and increase their rewards. Some want to put the spark back into their life and are looking for a job that gives them meaning, purpose, reward and drive. Some are concerned about the impact of Brexit on their jobs and are looking for greater security. And many are just finding that the process of looking for a new job is much more frustrating than they anticipated.

Professional career advice need not be expensive. A one off consultation starts at £125. And if you need something more intensive, I offer a flexible menu of programme and cost options; you can see examples here.

There is no reason to stay in a dull job, or one you don’t enjoy. Nor to feel frustrated that your job search is not getting you anywhere. Whatever you need, I have the experience and commitment to help. Just email or call on 0208 209 1796 or 0845 467 4167. Do it now! I look forward to hearing from you.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • I offer a holistic, results driven approach. Its all about you and what you want to do with your life.
  • It is not just about getting a job. It is about getting the right job. Before we start I want to know all about you and your career needs. Then together we can make a decision as to how best we can work with each other.
  • I am flexible about the way I work with you; my objective is to help you meet your objectives. In all but the lowest cost programmes you are not limited to a fixed amount of meetings.
  • I believe in being transparent. I was the first career professional to publish my prices on the internet. Some of my competitors followed suit. I continue to look for ways to keep prices low, and quality high.
  • Each programme is individually tailored. I want you to get exactly what you pay for. Every client is different and I respond to your particular, unique needs.
  • I use a formidable suite of career resources and tools to help you to make the right decisions and to submit winning job applications.

Here’s what our clients say

“I was successful in getting the role with the NHS, my new official title with the hospital is Assistant Divisional Manager – Specialist Medicine. I really appreciate all the support and guidance you provided me during the difficult time that I encountered when I was made redundant from my local authority job and I would recommend your careers advice services to anyone who was going through a similar situation that I did.”

Samantha Williams

Here’s what our clients say

“The Career Advice Centre was great from start to finish, as it helped me to help myself work out what I really wanted to do and what options were available. Thank you!”

Angela Terry

Here’s what our clients say

“I have found my experience with The Career Advice Centre to be invaluable in clearly identifying my skills and achievements. I now have a much more defined idea of what I have to offer a prospective employer and feel I can pursue my future career with confidence and enthusiasm.”

John Rich

Here’s what our clients say

“Their careers advice gave me clarity on the skills, knowledge and experience I have acquired as well as on my motivators, achievements and career needs.”

Sandra Lilley

Here’s what our clients say

“The Career Advice Centre deliver something truly unique in the way that they facilitate the discovery of your career needs. I now have a new career with a new role, in a new sector and a new country. My sincere thanks The Career Advice Centre, I am the happiest career changer ever!”

Dan Williamson